Net Inspector 2014b

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Monitor all the parameters and details relating to your network.

All those of you users who have installed a small local area network (LAN) at home or in your workplace, and who have been assigned the tasks of maintenance and monitoring of network connections, will probably already know that to be sure it's working correctly, you need the help of a specialized tool designed for such purposes. For this reason here is one of the most highly recommended that you can currently find on the market. It's called Net Inspector.

And that's because Net Inspector is an interesting application that has been specially developed in order to monitor at all times the status of your network, to know, in real time, the status of each of the aspects and details that affect its correct operation.

Net Inspector monitors the status of the network nodes; performance, resources and network services. It shows the user the current information as well as all types of historical charts with trend lines. In addition, the software is able to detect bottlenecks and potential problems before they happen, so that the user can anticipate their occurrence and minimize the consequences they may cause.

The company behind this program, MG-SOFT, has over twenty years of experience in the field of IT and telecommunications. This is a guarantee more than enough to rely on a tool like Net Inspector to help you maintain your networks well.

And best of all is that Net Inspector is absolutely free. So download it today!


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